Why Custom Costs More

People always ask the question “How much?” anytime they want something custom made to suit their wants or needs. Unfortunately, there isn’t an answer to that question that most folks want to hear. Why is that?


The biggest factor in the price of having custom work done is time. Time to design the idea, time to cut the material, time to put it together, and the time to do all the steps over and over until it fits correctly and is what the customer wants.


The other part of making custom parts is having the resources on hand to create them. We recently created a custom fan shroud for a 1960 Chevy Biscayne so we could replace some worn out electric fans with a more efficient single fan.

In order to make it we used a metal brake, a bead roller, dimple die, grinders, cut off wheels, various hand tools, markers, metal shear, and sheet metal. Once the first one was done the fan didn’t quite fit as intended. So we did it all again to make it better.

Customers don’t pay for our mistakes so when we quote a job our hourly rate reflects the fact that we will have to spend time refining the product. If these were production parts those costs are spread out over 100s of parts. It’s a wonderful life making special parts for our customers and bringing their dreams to life. We just want you to know what that really takes.






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