The Crew


ronhfireOkay, so I have been tasked with writing this “about Me” so here it goes…
My name is Ron Harden, I have an amazingly patient wife and two awesome little girls. I have been turning wrenches and making things work since I was a teen. I have taught myself mostly everything by trial and error , and doing a lot of research in my spare time. I met Kenny a few years ago through a mutual friend while wheeling. A few wheeling trips after I met him I had a freak accident and my jeep decided to burn to the ground. Even though I hardly knew Kenny at the time , he went out of his way to help me. The rest was history…. When the decision was made to move Wits End Fabrication from a “hobby shop” to a full time business I decided that I needed to be a part of it. Since all of my free time was spent wrenching anyway I decided why not do it full time with a buddy? So I quit my job , signed on , and have never looked back. Since then with Kenny’s help I have learned a lot about fabrication and continue to learn and grow more everyday. I look forward to continuing to expand my skill set as we continue in this venture and want everyone to know that there is nothing we cannot do when we put our heads together.


Shawnee is the reason Kenny became involved in Jeeps and off-roading. Actually this picture is the first time he went off-roading. As Shawnee puts it ” he was bitten by the Jeep bug that day”, apparently he had no immunities and it began to take full effect. Shawnee is  a full time tow truck driver, and very good at what she does, she is often towing new projects to the shop. It was Shawnee who named “Wits End ” and keeps the house going while Kenny spends countless hours  working to fulfill every customers needs.


I’m Lisa and I pretty much do everything around the shop except work on vehicles,  ( although I am definitely learning a great deal) I answer the phone, run errands, pay bills , schedule appointments, etc. I have known Shawnee for many years and she introduced me to Kenny when I needed work done on my truck. I was incredibly impressed with the work done, and Kenny’s drive to be the best. I was brought on board when the new shop opened to keep track of everything and help the business move forward. There is no doubt in my mind that if you want something done, these are the guys to do it.