Get It Into Gear – Gear Sale!!!!!!

Looking for more acceleration? Tired of moving at a snail’s pace after installing larger tires? Do you have a grinding sound in your differential? Maybe it’s time to Get It Into Gear!

This is the most complete gear install sale you will find, exclusively from Wits End Fabrication. All prices include labor, gear oil, front and rear Yukon ring and pinion, and master rebuild kits. (Taxes are extra)

These are the kits we have in stock. Don’t worry if you don’t see your combination, call us and we can get it.

YGK001 XJ/YJ 4.56 $1813 Sale – $1451

YGK002 XJ/YJ 4.88 $1703 Sale – $1363

YGK007 TJ Non-Rubicon 4.56 $1774 (D30/D44) Sale – $1420

YGK008 TJ Non-Rubicon 4.88 $1743 (D30/D44) Sale – $1395

YGK010 TJ Rubicon 4.88 $1950 Sale – $1560

YGK011 TJ Rubicon 5.13 $1950 Sale – $1560

YGK012 JK Non-Rubicon 4.56 $2005 (D30/D44) Sale – $1604

YGK013 JK Non-Rubicon 4.88 $2005 (D30/D44) Sale – $1604

YGK015 JK Rubicon 4.88 $2209 Sale – $1768

YGK016 JK Rubicon 5.13 $2209 Sale – $1768

Make sure to call us with your vehicle information. These prices do not include any additional costs for parts that are broken in your axle, carrier changes due to any ring and pinion size differences.


CALL US AT 443-963-9487 to get your today!

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